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      Then, with a swift change of manner, she raised her head still higher, and, with a spot of red on either cheek, said:CHAPTER XVIII.

      The woman came from the bedside occasionally, but always with the same report: Esmeralda was still unconscious.

      How sweet she had looked, how exquisite, in her beautiful dress, with the diamonds which she wore so unconsciously! Any man might be proud of hernot only love her, but be proud of her. And he had lost her! Well, it served him right. For the first time in his life he had played a base part, and he was deservedly punished. Rather than deceive this girl who loved him, he should have let Belfayre, twenty Belfayres, go to the devil.[98]

      He looked at her as if he thought she might be chaffing him; but her beautiful face was quite innocent of badinage.




      Not all at once, said Lord Norman, smiling. In fact, he never leaves Belfayre; and Trafford, when he isnt there, has rooms in the Albany and dines at his cluboff the joint.